I will demonstrate here how easy it is change certain thing here which makes CRX very powerful,

  1. CRX comes with inbuilt servlet container so all you need is CRX jar file and you are done (No App server and war file deployment).
  2. Changing code and jar file deployment is very easy. Just change the code, Compile and Build using CRXDE. Same with third party jar integration. No restart required.
  3. Changing data in runtime is very easy. For example client side code inclusion. Or adding new options. For example suppose you have to introduce new membership type, All you have to do it add new node under /content/dvdrental/options/membership and they will be picked up by application.
  4. You can easily do team development using CRXDE. I have done it using SVN and they are under https://dvdrentalcrx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dvdrentalcrx

Many more ............